Trainings for the development and growth of your brand and company

We offer courses, training and workshops for the development and growth of your brand, tailored to your needs and those of your company. To begin with, our courses aim to provide you with the knowledge you need to develop your brand, not only on the ground in terms of branding, but also in the field of online communication.
In other words, we cover all possible fields to improve your brand.

Thus, with our courses, you will acquire knowledge that will allow you to communicate better, be autonomous in your daily work and make your company grow, have personality and attract more customers.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to read on and we will explain what it is all about. You can also consult our services.

Social Media Management trainings

Courses on how to create a professional Instagram

Module 1

What to communicate


Communication pillars




Content funnel


Module 2

How to communicate

Dimensions and formats

Visual identity

Kinds of Feed

Types of Layouts




These are some of the aspects you should take into account when positioning your brand. However, there is much more that we will see throughout this course.

If you’re just starting out or feeling lost with managing your brand on Instagram, take advantage of this course!

Courses on how to use Adobe tools

Controlling these tools is fundamental to any field of branding. Whether it’s creating a logo or designing the web, these tools are basic.


Adobe Photoshop

Photo editing and retouching


Adobe Illustrator

Logotype creation


Adobe InDesign

Construction of lookbooks

Other courses


Project management introduction


How to create a brand from scratch

Interaction design and usability

UX - UI project planning and managment

Web prototyping

Apps no-code

E-commerce stores no-code

Graphic Communication Design for Multimedia initiation

Design and Multimedia Communication

Design Technique

Multimedia Design

Mobile management



Digital Marketing and Social Media Techniques

Digital means of communication

Advertising on social networks

Communication plans and campaigns - non-face-to-face sales

SME Marketing

Creative writing

Commerce and services sector

Sales automation

Sales and customer service management

Marketing automation

CRM analytics

CRM Decision analysis models

CRM Administration

Data analysis project

No-code process automation

Creativity in communication

Production and promotion of multimedia products

Advertising campaign

Interactive animation techniques

New forms of advertising

Media, emerging technologies and interaction

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